Ever since you left
I’ve forgotten how to breathe.

I just wish I had had a better grip, a reason for you to stay. Maybe then we wouldn’t be torn apart.

I held on too tightly
Only to watch you shatter
In the palm of my hand
And though I thought I was fixing this
We were slowly just breaking apart.

And in that moment
You forced the life from my lungs
With a kiss that sang to the high heavens
For all the wrong reasons.

“You wrecked me and
I apologized.”

I’m sorry I haven’t been on/posting. There’s been a few things going on that I’m trying (and failing) to fix.
My younger sister has pretty much moved out tonight.
Is it for the better? Only time will tell…
I’m just tired of the fighting.

Anonymous said: I don't know that I want it badly I just imagine that an attractive female friend could have its upside.

"Could have its upsides."
What’s the downsides?
You’ve said I’m attractive. I’ll be there for you pretty much any time you need me. I’ll care for you unconditionally.
Where’s the downsides?

Anonymous said: Shouldn't waste my time? You hardy seem like a waste of time and my friendship has benefits.

Answer me this, why do you want this so badly?
For all I know I’m some stranger on the internet to you. Nothing more, nothing less.
Usually once someone says to not waste your time, the other goes.
Why are trying?
I’m not saying it isn’t nice or that I won’t accept your friendship, I’m just curious is all.

When can I come see you?

I just want to hold your hand
And have your breath mingle with mine
On cold winter nights
While we look up at the sky.
And there’s a stark contrast
Of the gentleness of your hand
And the ways of this world
But the beauty of the night
Covers us with a sense of calming
Or is it your body right next to mine
For the first time doing that?

I need to hit something until my knuckles bleed. Preferably the bitch’s face who hit me. Oh I want to break her face. She has disrespected me for far too long and I’ve put up with it. I’ve had so much patience but I’ve snapped and when that happens, just hope you’re not on the receiving end.

Anonymous said: Seems like you could use a new friend

Yea.. Yea, I could.
But you shouldn’t waste your time.

Let me be the one
That you come to in the middle of the night
When thoughts are corroding your mind
And planting self doubt.
We can take a walk beneath the stars
And I’ll remind you of the first day we met
How you are burning with the energy
That makes up our universe
And how when I look into your eyes
I see stars collapsing in on themselves
And I know that sounds depressing
But it’s a phenomenon that happens
As we rebuild ourselves to be greater.
So keep collapsing,
We’ll be something new
For the world to behold
And all the while
I’ll have you in my arms.