“Your words cut into me
Like a blade with a serrated edge
But it’s not for the reasons you think.
This world has knocked you down
More times than not
And I am so lucky to see you standing here.
Your words dig into my flesh
Like broken nails
And it’s only because you hurt.
Your body and soul have so much darkness
And I just want to ease your pain.”
Things come and go but I have always been here and even though I don’t love you in the way you want me to, I do love you. I do care. (readyfornothing)

I want to press my body
Into yours and muster up
Every ounce of passion
I have ever felt for
Anything and everything
And kiss you like you’re life support.

- I need you so I can keep breathing so let me fill you up with passion.

“He whispered I love you
While the night faded for the morning sun
And that pretty much sums up our relationship in one line.
I faded like an old photograph on bad film
While he stood out, blindingly, like the sun.
And when he grew tired
He threw me to the side
And I’d like to say I don’t see him anymore.
Now someone else shouts
That they are in love with me
And I still feel the broken pieses
Jutting into my skin of all the “I love you”s
I managed to confuse with
“I am in love with you”
And I won’t let him go.”
I love you doesn’t mean I’m in love with you and it took me awhile to figure that out but please learn from my mistakes. (readyfornothing)

"I love you"
“I’m in love with you”
are two different things.
Don’t ever get them confused.

“My limbs are going numb
And I have bile in the back of my throat.
I’m cold and just want to go home
And the only place that feels so fucking safe and warm
Is your arms that don’t seem to fit around me anymore
And I’m not sure if you want this or even me
But I just want to be beside you one last time.”
I’m shaking like I haven’t had a hit in four days and the only drug I have ever been on is you. (readyfornothing)
“The phone lays quiet
Though the symbol tells me
You’re still there
And as the minutes tick on
The silent swells
And I miss you more than I ever have.”
I sometimes feel very inadequate and I don’t believe I’ll ever be good enough yet you’re still here. (readyfornothing)
“Most nights I want to keep you up
To the point your eyes are drifting shut
And lay beneath the stars with you,
Pretending to be stardust.”
Rest your head on my chest and lets watch the stars shine. (readyfornothing)
“Our days were measured in
The way your breath fogged up the glass.
You seemed to cover me,
Hiding what lay beneath,
Until suddenly you were gone.”
I sometimes still think you’re a ghost for you haunt me to this day. (readyfornothing)



darkwordsofmine has officially leveled up to a white girl because she “can’t even.”

Her dreams have now came true.


They match my necklace.
I’m really enjoying these and I am ready for the Texas Renaissance Festival.

Just in case you didn’t know, this is my personal blog.
Just wanted to let y’all know how I’m doing.

“She had kissed me light like rain
And I knew that would be one of the best feelings in the world
As we laid together
Holding hands in bed.
She wasn’t good at saying sweet things
And I honestly don’t think she ever made me blush
But I knew that wasn’t what kept me around
She needn’t utter a sound.
It was the way her eyes fell upon my face.
I felt that God must be real and this was grace.
But there were days when her body would shake
As her sobs made a tune I couldn’t mistake.
I questioned how this world
Could hurt someone as nice as she
Who loved the jagged edges that created me
And the day she finally let me go
I knew that would be one of the worst feelings in the world.”
Our broken pieces didn’t match up and instead we broke ourselves even more. (readyfornothing)
“I have despised wheelchairs since the first day I’ve had to use one and I rather lay broken than sit down in that contraption but as the days wear on and I’m not getting any better, just cut off the limbs and I will roll for the rest of my life.”
The pain has gotten so bad that even though I hate wheelchairs, I would gladly use one for the rest of my existence if that would mean less pain. (readyfornothing)