"It’s about progress," he tells me.

The weight of the world
Seems to slip onto my shoulders
More frequently than not
And I care more about others
Than I ever will myself.

"It’s about progress," he tells me
After a panic attack,
After I almost relapse,
After I’ve made a mistake
And I’m apologizing to no end.
He shushes my sorrys
And reassures me that I’m okay.
That we’re not perfect.
That it’s progress.

So let me tell you about my progress.

In these few months
I’ve gotten better at seeing myself
As beautiful.
I’ve fought for one person
To stay in my life.
I have not apologized
For loving someone so deeply
That I would do anything
To stay.

It’s about progress,
No matter how small.

Us talking after our movie date.
I’ve missed him like crazy.


We can lie in the grass
With my arms wrapped tight around you
As you tremble like the tears
Dripping off your cheeks.

Feeling- “What you Deserve” by the exies.

This explains my boyfriend perfectly.darkwordsofmine

(I sent “Your hair blends with the clouds very nicely.”)

This explains my boyfriend perfectly.

(I sent “Your hair blends with the clouds very nicely.”)

Anonymous said: What is your favorite part of your body and why?

My eyes.
They’re the only things I like about my body.
My favorite color has always been blue and I like how my eyes are big.
I enjoy the way they look when the sun hits them, how there’s just a small spot of orange in them.
They change from various blues, greens, and grays.
I just really like my eyes.
The rest of me? Not so much.

Your arms have been around me
In my dreams so often
That I miss you
Every waking second.

Kiss me
Until my lips hurt,
Until my mind is numb,
And leave me breathless,
Always wanting more.


A freestyle spoken word request I did awhile ago.

i. There’s a storm brewing
Beneath my skin,
A merciless battle
Within my mind
Pitting me
Against myself.

ii. I am the danger
That lies in wait
Every night
To haunt my dreams
And I am the sweetness
That comforts me
When no one else is there.

iii. I am a rising weakness
And a struggling strength
That will be strong for you
Even when I can’t be for me.

iv. There’s an earthquake
Within my bones
Waiting to shake apart my resolve
Of loving myself
No matter what I am.

All I can say
Is that even if this doesn’t work out
I’d do this all over again
If it meant being yours
For a second longer.

The floorboards whispered
Beneath her quickening step
To steady her heartbeat
Trying to break through
Her chest.