darkwordsofmine keeps the nightmares away.

darkwordsofmine keeps the nightmares away.

There’s a fist that I hold
Tightly shut,
Afraid to open it
Unless I’m covered by night,
Secrets of the past
Are held in it’s sanctuary
So no one can get close.
But if you’re curious enough
Come with me into the darkness,
Take my hand,
And spread open my fingers
Like petals blooming
At the touch of the moon.
Buried beneath
The dark secrets,
The dark past,
Is where my heart lies,
Now in your gentle grasp.

Anonymous said: And what about the ones who think highly of you? The ones that respect you enough to tell you the truth no matter how difficult it may be? You could very quickly become more important to someone than they realize.

Usually if they tell me the truth, no matter how bad it may be, I’ll try to work it out. I just don’t like finding out, confronting, and then being lied to..

I once told a guy who tried to cheat on me this, “Look. It’s okay if you still have feelings for her. We can work this out. Just don’t lie to me. You lie and I’m leaving.” There were multiple witnesses that said the same thing. He lied anyway.
I really do try to work it out..

I become easily attached. I do.
I don’t like it because I get hurt easily from this. People mean a lot to me. No matter who they are..

Anonymous said: You are so incredibly beautiful. It would be hell to have to give you up

I’m sorry.. It probably isn’t right for me to laugh.
The thing is, they don’t give me up. I’m obviously not enough for them and so they cheat and lie to me.
I give them up because I don’t tolerate that.

There are a few exceptions. They’re the ones who have made me realize that not everyone is like that.

But the ones who messed me up no longer matter. I’m happy with the guy I am with. He is amazing.

i. Lets count the stars,
Forget how many,
Then start all over
As the world moves around us
And day starts to break.

ii. I could look into your tired eyes
For all of eternity
And count the stars
That hide in your body.

iii. I’ll find all your constellations
And the stories behind them
As we make more
To enjoy.

iv. We’ve marked out our journey
As we travel to a space in time
Where only we exist
As one.

In your eyes
I could see the setting sun
And why would I look outside
When I like the view here

And as the night broke
Into dawn
As the rays of the sun
Shone along the horizon
We left our world
And travel into the light.

Sorry about bring inactive this weekend. No wifi because ac is broken at my house.

I never really experienced wanderlust
Until I met you.

Fall asleep on the phone with me because I get lonely and don’t want to go to sleep by myself.

“I’ve always been broken but there was no saving me.”

I’m supposed to be taking a shot but I don’t trust myself with the needle..